Thursday, December 9, 2010

yum...Sweet Spice & Honey

On the Sweet Bread side:
Sweet Cherry Bread - coconut and cherries.
Banana Bread - it is what it is...has walnuts.
Seattle Swirl - seattle literally swirls with pineapples, currants, cocoa & chili powder topped with a zested flavored cream cheese.
Blueberry Blues - blueberry's and blackberry's with a cream cheese filling and crumb topping.
Nuts About You - its all about the nuts, five of them, in this bread topped with white chocolate truffle.
Apricot Bombastic - a medley of six dried fruits in this bread topped with granola, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds.

and on the Savory Breads side
Colorado Cornbread - home style rustic cornbread...this is not sweet cornbread.
Extra_Ordinary - a five seeded and multi-grain bread sandwich loaf.
Yami Yami - an artisan type bread made with roasted yam, beet and butternut squash. Also a sandwich loaf.
I'm All That Aristicrat - stately with grueyer cheese and spinach.
Quinoa Gaiwo - quinoa & teff grains sandwich loaf

Also to Include lean breads:

Herbed Focaccia, Ciabatta, and Baguettes

extra Sweets
Carrot Cake - wonderfully moist carrot cake with pineapples, coconut, raisins, nuts.
Pecan Maple Scones - a lightly textured scone topped with pecans and a maple glaze.
Sweet Potato Pie - my family's traditional pie past down four generations.

Amatullah Jabriel-Lewis
Sweet Spice & Honey
Halal Baked Goods

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